CEO Greetings

CEO인사말CEO Greetings

YUMINST is a company specializing in total solutions for liquid leaks.
YUMINST is a company which provides total solutions for safe management of buildings and disaster prevention through film-type liquid sensors. YUMINST has led localization of the domestic liquid leak sensor market after developing new-concept film-type liquid sensors with its own technology in 2007 and successfully produced them.In addition, the company attracted domestic and foreign investments, made inroads into American, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and European markets and participated in projects of overseas leading firms. Like this, YUMINST has played the role of a leader to promote the excellent sensor technology of Korea to the world.
YUMINST is a company winning confidence through its original patents and quality certifications.
YUMINST possesses about 130 patents and certifications and has continuously concentrated its capacity on developing new materials related to sensors and conductive ink.YUMINST will expand investments in technological development to protect customers’ lives and promote safety from the leak of harmful chemicals and grow together with customers while making a contribution to the nation’s economic development through endless management innovation activities based on trust and quality.